Understanding the Joomla directory structure

Understanding the Joomla directory structure can be very handy if you really want to work with Joomla and develop new functionalities for it. This can be a little boring but this knowledge will benefit you when you start to do more advanced Joomla modifications, such as: create your own extensions or templates.   Before dipping […]

Magento – Understanding Core Terminology

Magento articles and materials are filled with some specific words that might confuse the beginners and turn a logical process into something mystical. Sometimes on the development road, I’ve found myself wondering: “What is an interface? Is that the same as a theme? And what is a design package?”. In this article I want to […]

Using a CMS to Create Websites

Is there any solution to rapidly create a high quality website?  Yes, there is! I’m talking about CMS (Content Management Systems). A CMS provides an easier way to create, maintain, and publish a website. No, you do not need to have a great knowledge about HTML, CSS, or any programing language to work with a […]

Web Development Terms

If it’s your first time into the Web development or the E-Business world, you may become overwhelmed by all of the acronyms and buzz words. XHTML, Plugins, Nginx, GPL, Widgets… The list goes on and is still growing, as many products are being created, new technologies are being developed, concepts and terms are being crafted. […]

Designing for the Web: First Steps

What is design? What is the difference between a web designer and a graphic designer? What does a web designer do? In this article I will be answering these questions and showing techniques of how to become a good web designer. Many people mistakenly believe that a web designer’s role is restricted to making a […]