The Grimmster Late Show Introduces Mr. Functional Ecommerce

Hello everyone! I invite you to participate in our Grimmster Late Show. Today we’ll interview some famous guys on the web. Probably you’ve met them before, and as far as I can tell, they compete for your online attention. Let’s try to understand their logic and what they offer to you. Opening our show, I […]

HTML5 Semantic Tags: In search for meaning

Let’s suppose today we are having a home architecture 101 class and I’m going to ask you some questions, then think about the first word that comes to your mind. What place is used for sleeping? When you take a shower where do you go? Where can we find a dinning table? Probably you answered: […]

Making it a Habit of Improving Your E-Store

I’m not a psychologist, but I do believe human behavior is made of habits. It’s one of mine go every morning to a bakery next to my home and buy fresh bread. At this bakery, I can exercise one more habit I have: To watch other people habits! And something that I’ve noticed in this […]

How to Set Up Your Own Web Server

Ok, so you already decided which CMS platform to use for your website project, and created an account in a free web host. You are blogging, changing themes and templates, adding plugins/widgets for your website and now you are the webmaster! Have you ever wondered what would be the next step in the web management? […]

Using jQuery in Magento

Our lives are surrounded by context. The same thing can have different a meaning in different situations. What does a zombie on TV mean to you? Maybe, a moment to make popcorn and enjoy a scary movie. And what about a zombie in front of you? ¬†YOU GOTTA RUN!!! In a less dangerous context, while […]