Grimmster lunch at Caribbean Jacks. Doing some serious Friday afternoon project collaboration makes for some fairly crazy ideas. Never the less you can’t help but soak up some good vibes while hanging at this river restaurant in Daytona Beach. Cheers

A Shelf is not a Store

Once in awhile, we get into some conversation with friends and we end up discovering interesting things about them, and vice versa. Sometimes, as far as I can tell, this experience is surprisingly. Specially, when you hear “Dude, you always talk about eCommerce…what is the  difference between a regular page and a eStore? I know […]

Creating a Template for Joomla 2.5 – PART 2

A New “Hello World!” This is the second part of a tutorial on how to create a template for Joomla 2.5. In the first part we learned what a template is and what Joomla expects finding in a template. Since a template structure can be very tricky and confuse, in this second part we’re going […]

Creating a Template for Joomla 2.5 – PART 1

Understanding Joomla’s requirements For many people, dealing with templates in Joomla is a very hard task. They prefer to work with the standard templates or get one available on the internet. However if you are a web designer, you want create your own template and apply it to your website. In this tutorial I am […]