About Us

Grimmster creates smart products for your health and the outdoors.

How we started

Software development and product design has been the passion that has driven Grimmster client growth for over 15 years. Our product development services are designed for delivering better customer experiences.

During our 15 plus years in business we have worked with a wide array of industries and clients providing software and technology consulting, design and development. We have turned this experience into developing fitness and outdoor products for our customers who are passionate about fitness and being outside.

Health and Exercise Equipment

Exercise TechnologyStaying fit and healthy in our busy world today while working from home, when traveling, or working on a field project is continually more demanding on our health and fitness. So you can continue to maintain your fitness and wellness balance while doing your best work is why Grimmster is developing innovation in exercise technology.

Since Grimmster works with industries that work in the field we know what it’s like ourselves so we designed Exerciser Systems.

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Exploration and Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Robotics Drone SystemsThrough our Outdoor Robotics partner we offer the most advanced Camera, Sensor and Drone Systems and Solutions for  Aerial Imaging, Mapping, and Data Collection to serve industries in Film, Media, Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Science and Land Management.

Outdoor Robotics is an early drone pioneer designing modular Multi Rotor drones for aerial imaging serving commercial businesses. Through brand partnerships in cameras, sensors and UAS we provide the best product and solution fit for you to gather the most accurate data results to serve your project needs.

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Grimmster has developed a great team of people over of the years that include interns from our local colleges (Embry Riddle Aeronautical & Daytona State), Contractors both locally and globally, staff members and finally partners. All have helped the successful growth of Grimmster company solutions and services. You can read more about them at Team.

 Certifications & Training


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Tools, Equipment & Software we use and trust

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