Our Approach

We provide a straightforward process methodology that supports a solid foundation combined with a flexibility for business, market and technology change, adaptability and innovation. Our approach involves 5 core stages:

E-Business Foundations: In this stage we clarify your ideas and ask you questions that will define your project. We overview the elements that must be considered before investing resources into an online business development.

Content: In this stage we evaluate, optimize and define what content may be needed to serve well your online business. When needed we will recommend the creation of copy, graphics, photography, video and brand artwork.

Design: In this stage we define a design that distinguishes your company brand, products or services. We provide a design that shows your personality, culture and characteristics; a design that makes your online visitor have a great user experience; a design that helps you to gain and retain customers.

Development: This stage is where we define which platform is best suited for your needs. Project evaluation is also part of the process so we can define the right amount of flexibility and scalability for your business growth. Here we look at which Open Source CMS – Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Magento – will meet your objectives, and best- suit your target market and business model.

E-Marketing: This stage involves creating a strategy that incorporates your brand identity and business model while producing a marketing program that brings you results.

Our approach includes consulting, re- search strategy, Testing, Analysis, and Reporting while implementing the “ right mix of services and tools to achieve your objectives. Services may include link building, PPC, Content Marketing and Analytics.

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