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3D Printing small parts

This is a picture of a FPV (first person view) Antenna Bracket we printed for a racing drone we were working on. Designing and printing small parts makes it a lot simpler easier to get a prototype together. Quick small part designs and prints also let you experiment with colors before going on to do […]

Common 3D Printing Issues using PLA

While in Las Vegas at the licensing Expo things were moving along nicely until I discovered a common issue when using PLA – It can warp. The crazy thing is everything was fine when we printed and did a pre assembly in Orlando. However – the show was in Nevada in the summer. Had I […]

8 Options for 3D Printing Your Design

While there are many 3D print services today with many more coming into the market everyday, here is a short list of more well know 3D print companies that can print your project. Your Local Library – Yes believe it or not many businesses are getting into this new arena including you local library. Many offer […]

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