Drone Traffic Guidelines

Drone and UAS Traffic Management With increased UAS activity, it is important to think about safety in the skies. NASA began its research into UAS traffic management system operations (UTM) to enable low altitude civilian aircraft flight, as well as commercial surveillance. Currently there is no established guidelines for drone traffic, but NASA predicts that […]

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Drones in Architecture

Drones in architecture is becoming increasingly valuable. Architects are using drones to give a better perspective to building projects. Here in this example is Urban Rigger with the latest in affordable student housing. These are floating neighborhood…

Aerial Photography

What is the real value of real estate aerial images and video marketing? We lived in this small beach town for many years and found that while most people get used to their surroundings you can get an entirely different perspective when you look at a place from a different view point. These are a […]

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Self-Flying Drones and Wind Turbine Blades: The New Way of Collecting Data

Collecting wind farm data can be tricky. Climbing up to wind turbine blades to inspect them for damage can be dangerous and time-consuming. Once up there, some inspectors rely only on a cell phone camera to snap pictures of any problems. The inspection process of an entire field can take months. Fortunately, advancements in drone […]

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4 Ways Drones are helping Engineers in Construction

Drones are gaining momentum in the engineering world with capabilities that enable better and more accurate data for civil engineers and workers in the field. This article explores some of the ways drones can be helpful in road engineering. 1. Ground mapping For a road designer (transport engineer) any new project starts by digging into […]

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