What is a VTOL Drone

Vertical Take Off and Landing Drones VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and HTOL (horizontal take-off and landing) are the two primary ways for aircrafts to produce lift, often incorporated in helicopters and airplanes respectively. In the world of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems), VTOL is more recognized as the default and most preferred method of lift […]

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From Drones to Flying Cars

Personal Aircrafts: A Realistic Future During this age of technology, Drone (UAS) systems are familiar across most developed countries. Drones have become a more familiar tool and are even accessible at the local tech store. They are extremely common now, and are regularly used for photography, film, and mapping. However, recent developments are proving that […]

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Drone Traffic Guidelines

Drone and UAS Traffic Management With increased UAS activity, it is important to think about safety in the skies. NASA began its research into UAS traffic management system operations (UTM) to enable low altitude civilian aircraft flight, as well as commercial surveillance. Currently there is no established guidelines for drone traffic, but NASA predicts that […]

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Drones in Architecture

Drones in architecture is becoming increasingly valuable. Architects are using drones to give a better perspective to building projects. Here in this example is Urban Rigger with the latest in affordable student housing. These are floating neighborhood…

Big List of Photogrammetry Software for 3D Modeling

When it comes to Photogrammetry software, there are lots of options. Here is our BIG LIST telling what these different programs can do. But you will probably want to try them out for yourself. Regard 3D What it can do: Meshing, Point Clouds Import Types: Photo Export Types: Mesh, Point clouds Operating Systems: Windows, Mac […]

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