Grimmster portfolio of product and solution brands.

Grimmster Exploration Technologies

Software development and product design has been the passion that has driven Grimmster client growth for over 15 years. Our product development services are designed for delivering better customer experiences.

During our 15 plus years in business we have worked with a wide array of industries and clients providing software and technology consulting, design and development. We have turned this experience into developing health and outdoor products for our customers in these industries.


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Industry Brands

Hemp Farmers Business Marketplace.
Business and technology solutions for growing your Hemp business. Precision Growers provides equipment and solutions to growers for creating healthier more profitable hemp plants. We use precision agriculture technologies to efficiently discover and track plant health for producing high quality product. 

We partner with growers to help produce and sell high quality hemp and CBD.

Outdoor Robotics Drone Systems

Outdoor Robotics offers the most advanced Camera, Sensor and Drone Systems and Solutions for Imaging, Mapping, and Data Collection to serve industries in Film, Media, Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Science and Land Management.

Outdoor Robotics offers the most advanced Camera, Sensor, Drone Systems and Drone Solutions for Imaging, Mapping, Aerial Photography, Aerial Video and Data Collection to serve industries in Film, Media, Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Science and Land Management.

We are an early drone pioneer designing modular Multi Rotor drones for aerial imaging serving science and industry. Through our brand partnerships we provide the cameras, sensors and UAS you need to fulfill the the work you are doing.

Minerals Explorer - Minerals Appraisals

Minerals Explorer is a software engineering project for providing more accurate and faster mineral appraisals. By innovating a better mineral appraisals solution, the goal is to provide a more sustainable approach for Explorers in Science and Industry to discover the best processes and solutions for understanding our planets future resource requirements.

Lifestyle Brands

Beverages Distributor-Healthy Beverages-CBD Beveragess

VisionCats Beverages is a wholesale specialty beverage distributor of healthy, organic and natural beverages that are good for you. The product lines we focus on are Functional beverages, Sparkling watersHerbal beverages, and CBD drinks.

To Order or learn more about Wholesale Healthy Beverage brands we carry visit us at VisionCats Beverage Company.

Sport Docks is a supplier of floating mobile dock technology for water craft and commercial projects. Sport Docks modular technology is designed for quickly getting your water craft above water and designing an easily installed lift or dock solution to suit your needs.

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Exercise Technology

Staying fit and healthy in our busy world today while working from home, when traveling, or working on a field project is continually more demanding on our health and fitness. So you can continue to maintain your fitness and wellness balance while doing your best work is why Grimmster is developing innovation in exercise equipment.

Since Grimmster works with industries that work in the field we know what it’s like ourselves so we designed Exerciser Systems.

Digital Brands

MediaWright - Web Design and Marketing

MediaWright provides website design and online marketing services for businesses that want create more awareness and grow business using internet technology.

MediaWright Works with B2B and B2C Companies: Financial advisors Retail * Tech companies * Consultants * Small businesses * Real-estate agents * Service based * Start ups * Nonprofits * Service-based companies * Restaurants * Solopreneurs * Manufacturers * Medical professionals * Government agencies * Banks * Sports teams *

VisionCats Ventures- Growth industry Investing

We work with experienced  entrepreneurs and professionals that have built businesses from the ground up.

VisionCats is a Grimmster ventures company investing in and providing products and solutions in health and outdoor. We partner with individuals in technology, digital and capital services.

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