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eBusiness Startup Project Planner

Getting started with a new project? This questionnaire will give you a solid starting point when planning any project on the web. Whether you are building a blog or an online store or enterprise branded site, planning your stages is key and can ultimately save much time, energy and expense.

Startup Activites Checklist

Every online business idea goes through an evaluation and assessment period to see if it passes a reasonable amount of muster for the money, time and energy risk it will assume. It’s an investment that will consume your time as well as affect you budget. So it is safe to assume that unless you are MacGyver you will need to request the services or products of others to support your project, business or vision.

Thus we have put together a typical list broken down by category, of the possible goodies and service skills you will need to get the job done. Hey even the most Tech savvy companies hire people to do design work, development, marketing and lots more. Hope this helps in your assessment. It has proven very helpful for our clients.

The Simple Content Style Guide Template

Detailing your article requirements will help deliver great content when working with new writers. Creating a content style guide template is a must for businesses that work with external writers.

A style guide template for web content writers should be no longer than four pages, clear, concise and easy to understand. Creating a content style guide template for the first time can be challenging, and you might find it difficult to provide content writing tips for your website.

So we have made it a little easier and giving you a head start with “The Simple Content Style Guide Template“, This is for anyone working with freelance writers for blog or website content.

Online Design Planner

Trying to detail some of your design thoughts? This planner will help you think through some of the elements required when building a creative online presence. Such things as your mission statement, industry, target audience are important factors. Also, what type of creative you are thinking about, is key in developing good usability and experience for a website visitor.

These and more elements tie together to bring to your ebusiness the look and feel of your brand and ultimately determine whether that visitor is going to stay on your site, tour and take action. Design strategy helps with call to action process and conversion. Check out this planner if you want to start building some clarity in your creative choices.

Online Video Planner

An easy to use questionnaire for planning your Online Video Project.

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