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Online Marketing by Charles GrimmThe majority of what I do at Grimmster is create and contribute to emerging health and outdoor projects.

I have been doing software and product design since 1998. After running 3 startups and many years of developing internet sites and businesses, I founded MediaWright Inc. in 2006.

Grimmster is our official company corporate site. When not working on projects at Grimmster I provide digital business strategy and creative development.

In 2013 we launched VisionCats Ventures in partnership with Mauruarend New Visions to invest in emerging technologies. We have worked on several projects over the years yet we ultimatley came to focus all our resources and energies on a developing VisionCats Beverage Company. Over the years I have worked as a product developer/manager and have designed over 50 products.

The Grimmster Articles blog is intended for discussing thoughts and ideas and to provide articles, resources and tools for digital business, health and outdoor innovation.

If your are interested in discussing a project or have an unique technology you want to build you can contact me here for a chat. While I am not taking on any new projects I will be glad to refer you to some great folks and direct you to to some tools that can help.

I grew up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my wife Maria and our 4 cats; George, Nibbler, Crazy & Gus. In between I have had the opportunity of traveling and living in many places in North America and abroad. Until I actually complete my Bio, you can find more information on me from these social media sites.

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