Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are a core component of Grimmster web development.

The 3 core systems we use are Joomla, Magento and WordPress.

Depanding on the application, type of business and overall needs we recommend one of these open source cms platforms.

These 3 platforms, Joomla, Magento and WordPress account for a large percentage of systems used by business, education and personal use today.

Who uses these CMS’s:

Mark Christopher Lawrence – Actor

CitiBank – Financial Institutions

IHop – Large Retail Food Chains

Samsung – Electronics Manufacturer

The North Face – Retail Clothing

Ford Motor Company – Car Company

Richard Branson – Entrepreneur

Matt Cutts – Leading Technology – Google

Best Buy – Large Reatilers


When deciding what platform is best for you, we go through a discover process looking at your objectives, target market and business model.

After many years of working with clients on projects we have sculpted (and continue to sculpt) a questionnaire that helps us determine what cms is best for you.

We tie in the search marketing process as an integral part of this discovery. All web development in our company is done with a purpose of marketing and building your business online.

CMS Themes

While there are many free and paid themes available online that look visually appealing, there are few that have been developed with a focus of search optimization, consumer usability and online business.

As a result of our ongoing goal to build successful online businesses using open source cms themes, early Fall 2010 Grimmster will launching our own line of custom developed themes for Joomla, Magento and WordPress.

Our objective is to provide a theme foundation built with clean code designed for better search engine optimization and search marketing development.

Read more about our new GPL themes in news.

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