The Grimmster Late Show Introduces Mr. Functional Ecommerce

Grimmster Late Show and Mr Functional Ecommerce

Vitor Letterman

Hello everyone!

I invite you to participate in our Grimmster Late Show. Today we’ll interview some famous guys on the web. Probably you’ve met them before, and as far as I can tell, they compete for your online attention. Let’s try to understand their logic and what they offer to you.

Opening our show, I want to introduce you Mr. Functional Ecommerce.

Vitor: Hello, Mr. Functional Ecommerce! It’s a pleasure to have you in our show. What do you think is the main feature you offer to     your visitors?

M.F.E: I offer an ecommerce to my visitor.

Vitor: I see.. but, what else?

M.F.E: What does my visitor want? To buy something? So, I offer my visitor the opportunity to buy what he or she wants. That’s is my function.

Vitor: And what do you think about your product categories? Is it easy for the visitor to find a product?

M.F.E: I don’t know. It’s not my problem.

Vitor: Ok.. Our time is over, so I want to thank you for participate in our Grimmster Late Show. Do you have any final thoughts?

M.F.E: No.

Vitor: After our break we’ll meet Mr. Usable Ecommerce.

Vitor: Hello, Mr. Usable Ecommerce! It’s a pleasure to have you in our show. I gotta to ask you the same question, what do you think is the main feature you offer to your visitors?

M.U.E: Hello, Vitor!  In everything that I do, I think in creating an easy experience to my visitor. If my visitor wants  to search for a product, why doesn’t make it easier and obvious? My philosophy is: If you want to go from the point A to the point B, just take the straight path!

Vitor: That’s great! What about your visitors, how easily do they convert into customers?

M.U.E: Some visitors convert into customers. But I also have visitors that don’t even complete the registration process. It’s sad because everything is so easy and direct! I guess I can’t do anything to change their motivation…

Vitor: Mr. Usable Ecommerce, don’t cry.. Let’s go to our break!

Vitor: For our last interview today, I want to introduce you Mr. Pleasurable Ecommerce!

M.P.E: Hello Vitor! It’s a pleasure to be here… I’m wondering you want to ask me about what I offer to my visitors. Is that right?

Vitor: Yes, it is! Please, go ahead…

M.P.E: I do believe I need to be functional and easy to use. But also, I need to be memorable!

Vitor: And what do you mean by being memorable?

M.P.E: Basically, I center all my functionalities around the user and the user experience. I want to connect with my visitor in a emotional way. First I try to understand how my visitor behaves and thinks, and then I deliver my content.

Vitor: Are you suggesting that a development process should integrates psychological elements?

M.P.E: Yes! For sure.. For example, using psychology we can motivate people to use stairs instead of escalators when they have both options. How? Using fun elements and changing the stairs into something more than an escalator, like a giant piano! Check here.

Vitor: Nice video! Unfortunately we are out of time. I want to thank you for this interview! What a great moment..

I’m just roleplaying here to show you, my dear reader, functionality and usability are not enough in create a great user experience!  So, let’s develop with our brain and our heart!

Vitor Nunes
Web developer, interested in e-commerce, interfaces, HTML5 and willing to host a talk show.

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