Mobile Search – The Way of The Future

The latest SEO buzzword is “mobile.”  Everybody’s talking now about mobile search, and what it’s going to mean for internet marketers.  The number of mobile devices sold worldwide is growing in leaps and bounds.  This means that we’ve got to get with the program and start learning more about mobile search and mobile website design.  Here is what it means for us in the SEO/SEM world.

Mobile Website Development – A Whole New World

This is something we’ve got to keep in mind as we move forward into a future full of mobile web surfers.  While iPhones can read HTML, most other mobile devices can’t.  This means that we’ve got to use WAP or XHTML for our website designs.  These are both protocols that are designed to be used with mobile devices.  It’s even predicted that HTML may become obsolete in the not-so-distant future.

Mobile Search Works Differently

Google is releasing new apps constantly to keep up with the shift to mobile.  Because users access websites differently and for different reasons, the search engines use different algorithms and spiders.  These are designed specifically for mobile use.  This gives us in the SEO world whole new codes to crack.

Local Search Is Going To Be Bigger

One trend that they’re predicting is that local search is going to be a huge deal.  Local businesses can benefit a lot by optimizing for mobile use.  People who are on the go and decide to get a bite to eat are going to search with their iPhones.  If somebody’s car breaks down on the road, instead of calling around, they’re going to find a garage on their mobile device.  Local search is quite a bit different from what we’re used to.

Online Coupons Will Boost Business

Another thing we’ll need to do is offer coupons through our sites.  The way it works is that the mobile device user finds the site that offers coupons, and this online coupon has a code that can be read at the restaurant or shop for a discount.  They already do this in Japan and other Asian countries where mobile internet use has already become the norm.

A Few Things That Won’t Change

There are some things that will probably never change.  We still need to optimize for keywords.  It’s still going to be these keywords that get people finding your site, so the basics of keyword research will stay the same.  But you can expect lots of other challenges to marketers.

Everybody’s going mobile, and this means the rules are going to change in the SEO world.  Mobile search and mobile website design are going to be the way of the future.

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