Online Business Framework

Theme and Framework testing for niche online businesses

joomla-frameworkOne of the fascinating things about the internet marketing business is viewing the vast number avenues now available for building an online business. While there aren’t a lot of business models, there are many creative ways to employ these models with any products or services from most industries especially for consumer markets. As a result eMediaWright will be testing some niche online marketing website frameworks. The objective is to arrive at a flexible website template that is easy to customize with your own images and content including having an easy interface for adding dynamic social media and marketing addon’s.

The ExplorerTheme Framework is the introduction to this testing. Built for both Joomla and WordPress CMS’s, ET 1.5 offers both a beginner and more advanced platform to work on. WordPress gives the a new user quick access to get started and make ongoing changes easily. While Joomla offers a more robust platform to build a more dynamic interactive online business. We have a free download of our for Joomla and WordPress. The upgrade versions will be available within the next 6 weeks.These will include different themes and page layouts.


While there are many more complex frameworks available, (i.e drupal our objective is to design a structure that is relevant and does not have unnecessary code for functionality rarely used. We will be introducing several new layouts and themes through our website software design site,

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