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“Exerciser Systems is physical therapy, fitness equipment and software designed to build strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular health. ES products are designed for physical therapy and sports medicine businesses, medical and recreation facilities and home fitness studios. The research and design behind Exerciser Systems is based on tried, tested and proven principles used in physical therapy, pilates, yoga, sports medicine and exercise science.”

Exercise Technology

The philosophy behind behind ES is that less is more. What do we mean by this?

What we mean is that continuity in exercise in regular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness is more important than how fast or how heavy you do the exercise. In fact regular walking daily is one of the best exercises you can do , especially if you are walking out in nature.

Our equipment is designed to be easy and simple to use, low impact and is effective for maintaining overall strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Whether you are maintaining, training or losing weight, Exerciser Systems equipment can be used to create a fitness program that suits your needs or goals.

We know that that wellness and exercise equipment does not need to be expensive, to be exceptionally functional and well designed.

In fact practicality is one of the principles we keep in mind when designing exercise systems. Modularity, storage and ease of use are key aspects when designing exerciser systems.

Since our company foundations are in designing aerospace systems there is no shortage on engineering and research that employs concepts using advanced exercise science and technology.

We are always appreciative of your helpful use feedback on practicality, design, aesthetics and more.

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