EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGIESEngineering and innovation have always been part of Grimmster Technologies.

Grimmster Exploration Technology team creates innovative devices to advance the fields of exploration, photography and data information. This equipment helps us create better imaging tools, data, processes and solutions for explorers, scientists and industry’s working in our natural environment.

Grimmster provides our Explorers with innovative technologies that bring in a new view to those working in our natural earth, lake and ocean environments. We are always striving to expand our knowledge for helping those understand and work in the natural ecosystems on our great planet.

We discover and develop new, practical solutions that are not found anywhere else.


Outdoor Robotics Drone SystemsOutdoor Robotics offers the most advanced Camera, Sensor and Drone Systems and Solutions for Imaging, Mapping, and Data Collection to serve industries in Film, Media, Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Science and Land Management.

We are an early drone pioneer designing modular Multi Rotor drones for aerial imaging serving science and industry. Through our brand partnerships we provide the cameras, sensors and UAS you need to fulfill the the work you are doing.


Minerals Explorer - Minerals Appraisals Minerals Explorer is a software engineering project for providing more accurate and faster mineral appraisals. By innovating a better mineral appraisals solution, the goal is to provide a more sustainable approach for Explorers in Science and Industry to discover the best processes and solutions for understanding our planets future resource requirements.


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