Grimmster Affiliates

Who is this program for:
The Grimmster affiliate program is for fans, bloggers, business service professionals and those that want to be Grimmster Sales Team members.

Grimmster has several benefits when you get involved in our program, not to mention getting involved working with a fun group of people that have a different philosophy from most companies about the work life balance. The real benefits are learning while you work, working your own work process while being connected to industry professionals and others like yourself. A fluid but structured and social work environment that encourages growth and innovation. An environment that can compliment your current situation while providing a progressive way to build a long term full time career in a growing industry.

When Grimmster hires full time Team members we always look first at those that have been working with us in the affiliate program.

Perks: How about; free blog set up, free hosting and Grimmster Promotional items to name a few. Perk details

Tools: Lots of Tools! In fact we start you out with a list of tools to get you started that will help integrate you into the Grimmster Affiliate Team. Some of these include: Webex conference: grimmster email account. Tools details

Support and your voice: Be assured that when you start working at Grimmster you will have the support of our community to get answers and share your feedback. You see we have a philosophy of engaging and growing bright hard workers and don’t think you need to start out working at Macdonalds.

Involvement: Grimmster isn’t just a company selling stuff. We are a development and education company that want to help you learn and grow in the direction you need to go.

Compensation: The compensation is a straight forward 10% on new business referred to Grimmster. Money details

Typical compensation senerio: Through prospecting efforts or your network, refer a new business web project to Grimmster and you will receive 10% of the total sale – 5500 x 10% = $550. Total sale of 20,000 x 10% = $2,000 – yes and higher.

Are these realist numbers? These numbers are in fact conservative numbers. The rate of people doing business online is only increasing as more are using online services which statistically is not showing any signs of slowing for many years.

When do I get paid: We pay on a two week cycle in the period that a prospect becomes a paying client. See affiliate program details for more information.

How do I get paid: We pay directly into your Paypal account or Direct deposit.

The Work:

We have 3 ways of being an affiliate: Grimmster Friend, Online Grimmster and Team Affiliate Member.

Grimmster Friends: Receive Free Grimmster promotional items for sending new business to to Grimmster. These people are usually friends in business and industry or family members that want to support Grimmster Projects and Vision, socialize, and have some fun. So we want to show our appreciation too.

Online Grimmsters: Online Affiliates maybe bloggers or website owners that want to carry the Grimmster link on there site and promote Grimmster actively or passively and get paid. We pay a lead fee when you send us traffic through your network. You get tracking code to install in links or banners to make sure that we know who is sending us the referral. We send you a report and payment once a month. It is  easy to get started if you already have a site that generates traffic.

Team Affiliate Members: You are more actively involved with Grimmster prospecting and promoting Grimmster eBusiness Products and Services. We provide a program of tools and support to get you started. You have the opportunity to become full time Grimmster Core Team Member, if you choose, with base compensation and other benefits.

History – Its been over 12 years since we started building our first websites. We started using front page in 1998 to build a website for a small company I had started in Canada that produced wood products for the garden industry. My first domain, cost $75 for one year because Network Solutions had a lock on the internet name industry at that time. Well then came along ICANN and everything changed. Well, hundreds and hundreds of websites later combined with lots of work, online marketing and a company evolution that embraced internet industry change and growth and we arrive at 2012. See our timeline.

The Future – Today, we growing and need to add hard working people like yourself that are self starters and want to embrace a new type of work lifestyle that is more fun (in our opinion) and provides more freedom to work, live, grow and learn the way you want to. The internet is here to stay and it is providing many new opportunities to earn a living.

Here at Grimmster we encourage this work philosophy and we are building this into our culture because bottom line, we think people are simply more happy working on what interests them in a process that they enjoy. This is large reason we have developed the affiliate program. We don’t want to require people to to be in an office if they are more productive and successful working from a home office or out and about without distractions.

However for those that like to talk around the water cooler we are developing the Grimmster Global Virtual Office Community. You can talk about your boss and your coworkers, 🙂 hey we all do it – its part of how we all learn and interact socially. We want to encourage communication at Grimmster so are building some innovative elements into our company that will help us stay connected, engaged, organized, motivated and having fun. Because we feel if you have these basics your are going to be successful. See what our Grimmster Team Members have to say.

Also when you are software company you can create cool stuff and INNOVATION it a big part of what we do and we encourage your ideas.

How do I get started

1. Register at Grimmster
2. Complete your profile information
3. Visit the Grimmster Recommended Tools section to see How to get involved, organized and Get Started Spreading Good Vibes – and building links and business.
4. Start connecting with others in the Grimmster Community

Contact Us
If you have questions or need to just get some feedback on the Affiliate program, please contact us.


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