Internet Advertising

Grimmster takes the complexity out of Local Internet Advertising.

In one convenient place, we put together everything your local and regional business needs to set-up, maintain, track and analyze localized Internet advertising campaigns simply and affordably.

We develop an online advertising program that incorporates the key search engines, i.e Google, and online directories

Grimmster has only one purpose: Getting your business in front of local buyers and converting “searchers” into customers. However many steps take place between identifying a prospect and getting them to call or walk in the front door.

Building Your Online Visibility

To build your company’s online visibility and be seen by consumers is the key. Grimmster will create a online presence for you utilizing our skills and experience in developing CMS online landing pages. Grimmster delivers easy-to-use, technology and ROI-focused tools to help our clients run successful local Internet advertising campaigns.

Our partner platform ensures that our clients’ ads appear prominently among the search results when the local consumer enters certain keywords on leading search sites such as Google and Yahoo. Since each ad appears in a premium position, it gets the best possible chance to generate a “click-through” to the local business’s Web site. And advertisers only pay when potential customers click on the ad and visit the business’s site.

Bottom line Internet Advertising is about Return on Investment!

The Process

Key Word Selection

Our Internet marketing program automatically identifies the best search engines and directory sites for targeting specific geographic areas and/or customers, as well as the optimal budget allocation among them. It also selects the best keywords for a business’s products or services, based on their campaign budget and marketing objectives. Our program takes care of the complex media-buying/keyword-bidding process, while providing constantly up-to-date information for campaign reporting.

Internet Media Planning

We help small businesses write great ad copy, select keywords that will attract customers to a specific business and build your overall campaign performance.

Tracking Reporting and Clear Results

Grimmster consolidate reports and clearly show the results of your local Internet advertising campaigns from all publishers. The reports detail site visits, phone calls, emails, and form submissions, showing you exactly how your campaign is performing.

Sample Internet Media Budget

Sample I : Tile & Marble Contractors & Dealers

Total Number of Monthly Searches

Local: Orlando 8,701

Geographical Targets Local: Orlando

Estimated Monthly Budget $640

Estimated Impressions 20,490

Estimated Visits 560

Estimated Leads 40

Contact us for a sample Online Advertising campaign evaluation based on your industry, target market and local geography.

Sample II:  Internet Media Budget – Plumbing

Total Number of Monthly Searches

Local: Orlando 4,482

Geographical Targets Local: Orlando

Estimated Monthly Budget  $1010

Estimated Impressions 34,200

Estimated Visits  360

Estimated Leads  80

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