Joomla Development


Joomla is recognized today as the best developed, supported and most prolific open source CMS website platform today. We have worked with Joomla close to it’s inception days, after it made the shift from it’s start up, Mambo.

Functionality and Flexibility

Joomla is built in PHP and stores data in a Msql database. It is used as a website platform for small and large companies with hundreds or thousands of pages. Companies such as Harvard Education, United Nations and Citibank use Joomla as an online business platform. The functionality of Joomla is expansive, whether you need to publish news, blogs, polls or produce interactive content and images. Joomla CMS is a core platform that many companies use to grow there their business online.

The flexibility to add different, templates, themes and extensions, increase the overall capabilities of your website the capabilities of your website to handle most any design and development idea or scenario.

SEO and Search

Joomla is just about to enter it’s third phase of development. Starting with version 1.0 and moving to 1.5, Joomla is currently in the beta version of 1.6. The new changes in SEO development and search are core to the administration functionality of Joomla. For Grimmster, as seo and search marketing program developers, it provides a greater amount of flexibility to adapt to search engine algorithm changes and online technology developments. We specialize in Joomla SEO.

Joomla Themes and Templates

Whether you are a distributor, digital artist, professional, writer or any number of the many business models we can customize a joomla theme for your business. In fact in the fall of 2010 we will be offering our own customized line of SEO optimized themes. This direction is to fill a need for clean themes, without over functionality (code bloat), to enhance better search engine performance. Stylish, user friendly, conversion directed, fast and seo optimized. If you like sign up for our newsletter and we will email you when they are available.

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