Managed Web Hosting

Site Performance and Scalability

web hostingWelcome to Grimmster – eMediaCloud – Managed Web Hosting. If you are a Start up, Entrepreneur, Blogger, or DIY business owner then eMediaCloud might be the right hosting choice for you. eMedia Cloud servers are configured, secured and optimized for people that want to have the functionality of the most current cloud technology and want the scalability for website development and expansion as your business grows.

We specialize in hosting for CMS frameworks; joomla, wordpress and magento ecommerce.

We understand the needs of Start-up and Enterprise Innovation. Building, designing growing ideas combined with the need to control costs.

Get set up on the most current managed hosting and the best CMS website platform so you can build and scale your idea or business. Contact us to see how easy it is to get set up and start building out your online marketing business.

Core Web Technologies for running an E-Business

However you decide to operate your ebusiness, whether its from an enterprise office or a home office there are certain products that will be required and some needed to make your business run smoothly.

Managed Web Hosting
To run a dynamic website with database capabilities and functionality you will need to host your site on a secure server that is configured to meet the needs of your ebusiness.

Grimmster operates eMediaCloud – a network of cloud servers configured specifically for CMS and eCommerce platforms: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. These are the the top platforms and frameworks in the web technologies industry used and proved by millions of businesses large and small.

We have been operating servers for over 5 years and continually improve our systems as technologies advance. We are backed Liquid Web, Storm on Demand and 24 hour Tech support. Managing server technologies is their specialty. They manage technologies of some of the largest brands in business.

Grimmster Managed Web Hosting

1. Start-Up
2. Small Business
3. Enterprise
4. E-Commerce

We have set prices for Start-up and Small Business. Enterprise and E-Commerce have a base price with expansion based on needs.

Set up Managed Web Hosting for your Business now.

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