What are Microsites?

micrositesA microsite is a web page or pages (sometimes called a brand page) containing detailed information on a single brand or topic.

A separate site is set up in order to increase the pages chance of reaching a high search return for a particular keyword or phrase.

An effective microsite can  generate a better search return or rank for a targeted keyword giving your brand a stronger chance of search returns than a company web site containing broader content.

The core objective is being able to target a brand, product or service more effectively to ultimately improve your conversion rate. Below is a Microsite package that might fit your needs. Contact us to get started.

Microsite Package for Online Business
– E business Review
– E business Strategy
– 3 – page Web CMS
– SEO optimized Frame Work
– SEO on page Setup
– Managed Web Hosting

Set up an Microsite now.

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