2010 New Brand, New Launch Update

We just launched our new eMediaWright brand of MediaWright Inc. and we will be slowly phasing out the old out dated MediaWright.net site. Since our focus has always been electronic media and Internet Marketing we thought a re-branding would create more clarity amongst our clients and colleagues.

With the launch of eMediaWright we also launched Search Marketing Services.org providing free and paid search engine marketing services. SMS fouses on providing search marketing services for the small and medium business and webmasters. Attention is paid to objective based ROI and outcomes with In-House scalability and sustainability.

Our blog at SearchMarketingLife.com provides articles and resources on search engine marketing today. We will continue to expand these free resources informing all our readers of the top SEM information, tools, and people in search marketing. The tone of SML is to bring to our readers information they can use right now to propel their businesses forward. Since time for learning and reading is important we aim at bringing you great articles written by SEM authors and publishers, plus giving you links to great tools that you can use in house. We always encourage your comments and feedback! With that said we will be doing a SML site redesign during the month of February and look forward to any helpful suggestions you may have regarding content, site layout or anything else we can do to provide more value.

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