Comicon Fanfare in Chicago


chicago-comicon-emedia-newsVisiting Chicago is always good fun especially in the summer time. The Chicago Comiccon was a huge event. Probably one of the biggest comicon’s stretching out over 4 days of non stop activites. The convention center was packed from day one. Providing lots of opportunity to meet people and get more research and feedback on the online graphic novel reading framework.

Through Oohawe software, eMediaWright is continuing its R & D for the proprietary reading framework for “The New Age Graphic Novel”.

However later this year we will also be opening up an Open Source version for web comic creators and artists alike so they can more easily show there work and build their comic online.

Marvel and DC comics might still be attached to the print version but our research shows that there are a lot of people that want to see fresh content, and that is most easily and economically available online from new talented and aspiring web novelists.We are getting lots of feed back from creators that they would like to see something that is user friendly and doesn’t require them to be web developers to give there audience an Oohawe experience.

Since this was such a big event there were tons of celebrities out at the show, which always adds to the fun and fanfare.

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