eMediaWright at E3 Expo

e3-expo-june-2011eMediaWright was recently at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. It’s all about the games and gamers and the launch of new products. Since we are working with a Graphic Novel company it was essential for us to be at the show for R&D of new interactive software.

Huge screens blasting out the lastest animation. Lots of explosions and machine gun fire. Xbox 360, Play station, Nintendo, and some names I haven’t heard for years. It was a new experience in tradeshows, although it seemed almost more like a consumer show with all the teens and 20 somethings beta testing new games. Pretty cool stuff, especially since my game experience is pacman…which was few years ago now!

Research has told us that the median gamer age is 37, yet I don’t now how any one can find the time to play many of these games as there can be quite a learning curve. Even some of the developers admit it takes a real commitment to get involved in some of these games these days because of the complexity and depth. I guess that’s why there is a growing market in strategy guides just to play these games successfully.

All pretty cool stuff although the main reason eMediaWright was there was to meet certain companies and people in IT, Analytics and Mobile Development. These folks were mostly out of the fanfare area and in the business group section. All went well in our meetings and research toward successful development of our interactive software framework.

Our next conference and show will be at SuperCon with Art in Effect in Miami. If you will be there let us know and we will save you a free T-Shirt and poster.

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