Interactive Web Dev and Digital Media

During the last 2 years eMediaWright has been working diligently with Mauruarend Art in the marketing and development of their gallery and graphic novel project. We have in the last several months attended industry conferences, graphic novel, comic and gaming conventions in research for the initial launch of the internet component of the project. Some of the posts can be seen in the eMediaWright Blog. It has been a lot of fun mapping out the strategy, concepts and action plan.

I will be making more blog posts in the upcoming months detailing some of the highlights and progress. Overall eMediaWright will be getting more involved with the interactive web and digital development as we continue team building.

And just some trivia…during the Anaheim Wizard World Convention Maurice and I got to meet several celebrities who were attending this POP culture event. I had a conversation with “Humongus” the villain in the cult classic “Mad Max.” William Shatner, Adam West, Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike) on the current TV series “Chuck” also attended, just name a few.

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