PubCon and ComicCon

eMedia had a busy week starting with the Fall PubCon Conference in Las Vegas followed by the Austin Comicon conference put on by Wizard World.

Pubcon was awesome and seems to be getting better every year.  The speakers and content were excellent and provided some solid takeaways. We met several people that we look forward to working with as we move into a new growth stage in 2012.

eMedia was in Austin with Art in Effect as we continue toward promoting the prelaunch prelude of The New Age Graphic Novel. Thanks to lots of Comicon fans for signing up to test drive the new online comic site and reading platform we are working on to make this graphic novel a unique interactive experience.

The great thing about going to these conferences is that we get to meet lots of other artists some which we hope will be working with us as we continue to look for new creatives to hire and help build out different aspects of production. eMedia will be developing and testing the Oohawe Software to get the right reading experience for web comic fans and graphic novel enthusiasts. If you would like to part of our survey and beta test please contact us and we will send you a link.

Final note: Austin is one party town that’s for sure. Friday night we hung out at “Hanger” a roof top experience as well as the Elvis bar. The streets were packed with people especially as they opened up 6th street for all rome about. Apparently this is something they do most weekends. Looking forward to going back to this one next year.

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