Product Design

Grimmsters Garage - We Design it and Make itWhile Design is at the core of Grimmster passions, product design is something we have been doing for many years. The heart of designing product stems back to early days of creating whirligigs and rebuilding motorcycles and cars.

Designing a design process has been and will continue to be an on going development here at Grimmster as we work with many different ideas that our clients bring to us. Much of our niche focus is consumer needs centric.

Our Product Design and Development process begins with an evaluation of the product or service we are designing, Our first stage of product development begins working with tools – planners, guides and exercises that help discover the start and direction of the project.

New business startup and product design templates

These are planners, guides and B- Model frame works that we use and use with our clients to better create and launch a successful new idea, venture or innovation. We will continue to design and offer more of these products as they created, usually due to necessity, and pass them onto you..for Free. Register to get business template downloads.

Product plans and drawings

We have worked diligently over the years developing many different types of products from yard and garden to electronics with our most recent projects being in UAS Technology and Multicopter drone designs. You can shop for these downloadable plans and drawings at Grimmster Shop.

3D printable

We have been following 3D printing technology for over 5 years. We bought our first 3D printer in 2014.  While we have printed many concepts to date our first design offering for download is the tried and consumer tested, modular quadcopter drone. You can find the whole kit available for download at the Grimmster 3D Print Shop.

Print and graphic designs

These products will be offered at the Licensing expo in Las Vegas in June 2015. More information on this soon.

Find out about turning your IDEA into a product with an easy product design startup process.

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