Through out the year we launch new projects and test consumer product ideas to see if they have a useful and sustaining benefit to small and medium markets. Out central focus at Grimmster revolves around 3 key central themes.,These include the Outdoor Living & Gear, Wellness and Self Employment Culture.

Outdoor Adventurist is an outdoor clothing and gear brand. Simple graphics of the outdoors. Themes are supporting outdoor adventure, fitness, recreation, active lifestyles and sustainable environmental practices. This is a social purpose brand aimed at kids and the outdoors, sustainable environmental practices and outdoor leadership. You can follow and find out more on this project by following us @outdooradventurist:



Wellness Research - Wellness and Fitness products

Wellness Research is a natural wellness project to promote all aspects of natural healing and wellness. Essentially, to deliver resources for helping people adopt better wellness habits for sustaining an ongoing healthy lifestyle in an ever changing world of technology and growth. Some of the topics we will look at include:

Entrepreneurship, Solopreneurs, Outdoors, nature, mindfulness, meditation, clarity, simplifying, soulfulness, family, process, daily balance, goals, phyical fitness, healthy eating, adventure science, fun and play, personal energy, slow growth, emotional intelligence and much more. You can follow and find out more on this project by following us @healingbag:



Outdoor Robotics - Drone and UAS TechnologyOutdoor Robotics is a designer and developer of Unmanned Hover Vehicles including: drones and small unmanned aerial systems for commercial and industrial applications.

We are very involved in advancing air frame designflight, data and imaging software development to make it easy for businesses to seamlessly operate drones for industrial and commercial purposes. We work with many different skilled people in aerospace, technology and design from our local Universities to those with years of experience in RC and small unmanned aerial systems.

You can follow and find out more on this project by following us @outdoorrobotics