Startup Package

Startup We can attest to the fact that start-ups can be hard and grueling. Having been the founder of 4 start-ups, as well as doing more than 20 online start-ups we understand the challenges of getting reliable, trustworthy information that will provide clarity and a solid map for building out a business.

Since working with start-ups over 12 years we have been fortunate to gather a lot of great experience and education in best practices (see white hat) for online business start-ups. As a result we set up the Pomalift Blog and Steady Start-up Circle  focused on providing and sharing resources for online business.

We invite you to join us on The Steady Startup circle group (google groups) by asking questions and sharing advice on business start-ups or Inter – Enterprise innovation start-ups.

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Startup Package for Online Business
– E business Review
– E business Strategy
– 5 – page Web CMS
– SEO optimized Frame Work
– SEO on page Setup
– Managed Web Hosting

Set up an E-Business Startup now.

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