Grimmster Ventures

Grimmster Venture Services established to offer startup services and solutions.

Objectives of GV

  1. To offer New Product Planning, Designing and Developing processes and services to our clients.
  2. To serve as a framework for researching, validating, testing and launching new products & ventures.
  3. To Design and Build niche Technology products.

GV Services

GV also extends our current online business web services offering so that we may provide a more complete small business service to those starting a new business or creating a new product line for their existing business. This initial new service offering will be 1. New Venture and Product Planning 2. Product Design & Development.

Our first core niche services include: – Ventures consulting, B-Model consulting & development, research, product & venture testing, product design and development for emerging technologies.

Startup Planning Services

Planning Services for: Business Startups, Small Business Growth, Product Innovation,

Startup Foundations and Strategy

Business Model Canvas

Online Business Model Plan

Small Business Success Package

Business Overview

Mind Map

The Foundation Profile

90 Growth Plan

Quick Financial Plan

Investor Grade Financial Model & Business Plan

Venture Services

Investing in Intellectual Property (IP) Domain names, Trademarks, Designs, Prototypes (3D printing), copyrights, branding.

Technology Design and Development

Design, Development & testing of emerging technology products



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