WordPress Development


WordPress development is perhaps the most prolific cms blogging platform used today. Names like Richard Branson, Matt Cutts of Google and Mega Retailer, Best Buy use this CMS platform.

If your principle objective is blogging and ease of content development then wordpress development is th best choice for you. Out of the box wordpress is built to add content quickly.

WordPress Theme Development

Searching the web you will find many free WP themes that you can use on your wordpress hosted account. If your budget is tight, free is the way to go. However free can mean limited functionality and do it yourself support. If you want to have your own web domain hosted and your site personalized/customized then we can help you with those needs. Grimmster takes your site to a professional level. Whether you want to customize your current theme, build a new theme we will develop the best scenario based on your needs. We have developed a process of questions (pretty much fill in the blank) to help discover the detail and set a process with a defined outcome.

WordPress SEO and Search Marketing

An important element of any website today is that search engine robots can find and index your site. If you do a bit of research on search engine optimization or search marketing you may find the process can be daunting and confusing. Hey.. it is often that way for search marketers.. since search marketing is a constant evolving and changing process. However we have spent years involved in SEO and Search Marketing discovering and learning solid white hat marketing practices. We have gotten to know many of the core industry providers and consultants in analytics and tools. Attending the industry leading seo, search and open source conferences keeps us informed in touch with best practices.

What does all this mean?

When we develop a wordpress theme for you or your company it will be done using the best seo administration functionality available. Because after all if you are using wordpress  development and builidng content then you want to increase your web presence and be found by your target audience. Therefore we set up an SEO structure and foundation with training if needed to help you maximize your online efforts.

WordPress Support

Once you website is online we can be reached for on going wordpress development, SEO, or search marketing support. Helping you with the development process, if you need, so you can focus on your work and process.

The blog at Grimmster discusses all of these topics and best of all it is free!. In here you will find links to many free resources and excellent leading online authors.

If you have any questions you can post them in our blog or send us an email.

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