Are you in the Right Dip?

If sales was your occupation then the Dip might not be considered a good thing. You may associate the dip with the valley of  no sales. However, I liked Seth Godin's book The Dip because it is an easy read.. a couple hours at the most, and it essentially suggests that we ask ourselves the question..Are we in the right Dip?

What he contends is that you evaluate your passions and strengths before you get into the dip - to make sure you have enough juice in you, to power through the dip when it inevitably arrives. Because we all hit the dip, the difference between success and mediocrity, according to Seth is, that we have enough energy at that time to go forward with our career path, new project, or business start up etc. to power through that valley when it arrives.

Accordingly it always arrives. The start up is always fun but success is getting beyond this gap.

This reminds me of another book..The Right Mountain, which parallels a former Ad Exec's journey to and up Everest. ( I have signed copy. Who ha!) again contending a similar point with more critical emphasis. Climbing Everest might be an inspiring goal but it may not be the correct choice for many people because it may just consume every once of energy you have...and that might not be a good thing.

In this day of online marketing and multiple new business model choices, it is even more important to evaluate your passions and strengths before you choose your path.

Yet if you choose your path and realize it isn't the correct one, ( try to do this sooner) then be willing to quit until you have it right. If you develop the right strategy then the stuff along the way..the tasks, projects, products and ideas etc will need to be changed in order to get to a successful outcome. David Allen, the corporate coach and productivity guru has a similar thought about being willing to renegotiate your agreements with yourself in order to clear your mind for greater and continuous energy. Simply, we have to better manage the flows and amount of the information we have and process it more easily in order to work and live a fulfilling and balanced life.

The take away on this might be, focus your energy on following a good strategy for life, business, projects and so on and be willing to change along the way until you start to have it right. Then you will ultimately have the energy and passion to carry through the tough spots or dips to the outcomes you want.

How about you, what's your take on the Dip?