We innovate and develop consumer brands in the health and outdoor industries.

Industry Brands

Agriculture Drone Services. We provide aerial photography and video of your crops to see where we can optimize your yield by just plain having closer eyes on your plants and using technology to help us access whether they need help in certain areas. Basically, you are the expert and we are the assistant to help you by getting more eyes on everything.

We then crunch the data that we have taken using drone cameras to access the health of your plants
Outdoor Robotics Drone Systems offers solutions for Aerial PhotographyPrecision Agriculture, Mapping, and Data Collection. We serve industries in Agriculture, Survey, Film, Media, Mining, Construction, Science, and Land Management.
Outdoor Robotics Drone Systems offers solutions for Minerals Explorer is an aerial drone photography service for providing more accurate and faster mineral surveys and appraisals. Providing better mineral appraisal solutions, using drones, will help you save money while providing more accurate appraisals.

Consumer Lifestyle Brands

Specializing in Wood sailboat salvage, repair, and sales. Contact us if you have an old wood boat you need to be removed or want to sell.
Icehut Coolers, a Minnesota Brand, are soft coolers for everyday use. Coolers for biking, paddling, fishing, lunch, and travel.
VisionCats Natural Goods is a wholesaler of Grimmster CBD, healthy beverages, Cannabis Supplements, and Pain Therapy topicals.
Sport Docks is a supplier of floating mobile dock technology for watercraft and commercial projects. Sport Docks modular technology is designed for quickly getting your watercraft above water and designing an easily installed lift or dock solution to suit your needs.
Simply Easy Home Fitness. Staying fit and healthy in our busy world today while working from home, when traveling, or working on a field project is continually more demanding on our health and fitness. So you can continue to maintain your fitness and wellness balance while doing your best work is why Grimmster is developing innovation in home and travel exercise.

Since Grimmster works with industries that work in the field we know what it’s like ourselves so we designed Exerciser Systems.

Digital Brands

MediaWright provides website design and online marketing services for businesses that want to create more awareness and grow a business using internet technology.

MediaWright Works with B2B and B2C Companies: Financial advisors Retail * Tech companies * Consultants * Small businesses * Real-estate agents * Service based * Startups * Nonprofits * Service-based companies * Restaurants * Solopreneurs * Manufacturers * Medical professionals * Government agencies * Banks * Sports teams *
My online media property that owns and manages a variety of web domains, and publishes health and development articles.