13 Fitness Apps for 2019

Great All Round Health and Fitness Apps...

Starting a fitness habit for 2019 then have a look at some of these Apps to help you get going and stay going.

We had a look at a range of health and fitness apps from mental health to weight loss to performance and chose our 13 All Round Fitness Apps for 2019. We are still reviewing more. You may be surprised at what we chose! Let me know what you think. @charlesgrimm

    1. BlueZones - Live Happier Quiz - Based on scientific research into well-being, will help you improve your environment to maximize your happiness.

    1. Fitbit Coach - Inspiration for Better Health - Get fit anytime, anywhere, with Fitbit Coach—the personalized training app that gives you access to unlimited adaptive video workouts and audio coaching.

    1. Aaptiv - Fitness Classes & Training Programs - Discover the perfect expert Aaptiv trainer for your favorite workout and training style

    1. 7 Minute Workout - Workout App - Become your own personal trainer to lose weight and get fit with fast, simple daily workouts.

    1. Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running App - Bicycle tracking app Cyclemeter (for iPhone) collects a wealth of data, is very accurate, contains several well thought-out features.

    1. Nike+ Run Club - Running App - Track your runs, get coaching that adapts to you

    1. Endomondo - Running & Walking App - Track your runs, walks, rides, and other workouts with this fitness tracking and personal training app. Track your workouts using GPS.

    1. MyFitnessPal - Free online calorie counter and diet plan. Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. Find nutrition facts for over 2000000 foods.

    1. Strava - Cycing & Running - Mobile app and website that connects to millions of runners and cyclists.

    1. Couch to 5K (C25K) - Running App - Designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.

    1. Walking for Weight Loss - Walking App - A Fitness walk tracker - map tracker you can use to help you lose weightand keep fitness Walking for Weight Loss

    1. Sworkit - Workouts & Fitness Plans for Everyone - Allows you to customize and play personalized video workouts that fit into your life. 

  1. Bluezones - Vitality Quiz - This test calculates your life expectancy and how long you'll stay healthy. You are sent personalized recommendations for getting the most good years out of life.