Aerial Drone Photography

Why use a helicopter when you can use a drone that’s more effective, and reliable?

Providing cost-effective aerial photography, videography, and filming services for presentation,
inspection, survey, and appraisal.

Aerial Photography and Video for Mineral Property and Mining

We are licensed and experienced aerial drone pilots, (for over 10 years) providing photography, videography, and film services.

As photographers and videographers, our job is to provide you with the best aerial visuals and/or data that meet your photo and video goals.

With an extended partner team, we also provide minerals properties research and appraisals. We create transparency and resources for you to make informed choices on risk and investment for developing a mineral property.

Our team and partners are made up of long-time experienced people in geology, mining, exploration, investing, equipment, and earth development.

We are here to help provide the necessary data needed to make sound investment and exploration decisions. We work with you to derive the best information for investment scenarios, to help reduce risk and arrive at successful exploration outcomes and ROI.

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